Stem Cells and Sight


As someone who’s wore contacts and glasses for half of my life, I know first hand, the degradation of sight.  Mine gradually started to change during high school with more major changes since.  After having LASIK last year, I can tell you first hand how precious sight really is.  It’s simply amazing how you can erase years of frustration in a matter of minutes. You can’t put a price on noticing the small things you would otherwise miss, or the convenience to life naturally as intended.  With scientific breakthroughs literally daily it seems, we are fortunate enough to live in an era where many deficiencies, diseases, and handicaps are becoming a thing of the past. Treatments for eyes have evolved to the point where the blind can see once again. Research with stem cells are revolutionizing healthcare and treatments. Unknown-12

10 years ago Doctors would have never guessed this could be…

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