Sorority Recruitment.

Katie Kestly

Two long weeks of fun. That’s what I first think of when someone mentions recruitment. Okay… maybe not all the time. But really recruitment is such a fun, and exciting time to bond with your sisters. After spending the summer apart from everyone it’s a chance to get to catch up, and hangout together. The first week, “spirit week” is mainly to prepare our selves for actual recruitment; I can’t really say much about what goes on because its pretty much top-secret stuff.

IMG_3590Anyways recruitment definitely takes a toll on your body. Getting up early because you have to look nice of course, and then throwing together a sandwich just incase you might have a chance to eat at some point throughout the day, having to eat a thousand mints, coming home with sore cheeks because you smiled a LOT, and not even getting to see the sun because you’re inside…

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