What the FARC is going on in Colombia?

Jackson Ransdell

Attempting to dissect and explain anything as complicated as a 5 decade old conflict from an outsider’s perspective is maybe a foolish task inherently. Now that I’ve recognized this  let’s try to do just that.

I was shocked to hear that a major conflict had ended recently and even more surprised to hear that it had been going on for over 50 years largely without mention internationally. So what caused the conflict? What’s kept it going for so long? And why is it now seemingly coming to an end?Image result

Formed in 1964 by revolutionaries inspired by Marxist beliefs and bolstered by the revolutionary actions of the Cuban revolution FARC sought to overthrow the Colombian government and install a Marxist regime in power. Widely viewed as a terrorist group by world powers FARC has been one of the most rich and powerful guerrilla armies in the world for decades.

However in…

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