Spain, you gorgeous little thing.

Kristen Harbsmeier

This summer, I have completely fallen in love with my temporary home, Sevilla Spain. I spent the summer in a homestay, learning Spanish, taking classes, and learning more and more about the unique culture that Spain exhibits.

The unique diversity of the foreign country allowed me to grow in personality and in knowledge. Everything from the time change, to the timing of meals, to the unfamiliarity of the language, I was forced to grow out of my comfort zone and experience new things.

Sevilla is a small town in Spain, unlike no other. There are few tourists, which allowed me to experience Spain as if I were a true Spaniard. Several changes I had to get used to were walking. Walking everywhere. I walked from home to school and back every day in the 100 degree summer heat. Lunch was not served until 2 or 3pm, and dinner was never…

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