My Life as a Metropolitan College Student

Sara Robinson

When I tell people I work at UPS, I normally get some sympathizing looks. People normally say they don’t know how I do it, adding they would never be able to. Although a lot of people understand that we work the night shift, a lot also don’t really know what life is like for a metropolitan college student. After working there for four years I can tell you it’s not impossible. It takes a lot of determination and time management. If I go to bed around 5:00am I can still wake up around 1:00pm and get a full 8 hours of sleep. UofL accommodates metropolitan college students well with a lot of afternoon and evening classes.


By working at UPS my entire college career, I have had nearly $37,000 of my tuition paid for, not counting this past summer or this semester. On top of that I get paid weekly…

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