Modern Day Muslim in Louisville


This summer, ultimately against my luck, I was randomly interviewed by a woman around the time of Muhammad Ali’s death (RIP to the greatest). This woman turned out to be a reporter for BBC news (you can watch it here if you care). Now this may not be my best moment (I don’t particularly enjoy being interviewed), it did inspire my next blog post.

A lot of people don’t even know I’m Muslim. I guess that’s how “modern” I am. I don’t wear a hijab; in fact, I wear clothes than can often be depicted as revealing Image result for muslim symbolin Islam (read: sleeveless, showing legs, etc…). Most of my friends are boys. While that may seem common and extraneous, keep in mind that in some very religious countries, women don’t talk to boys other than their father and brothers and after the arranged marriage, their husbands. While this may seem over the…

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