My Rant/Advice to Hispanic/Latinx High School Students


I consider myself privileged despite the fact that I still face things such as racism and sexism. Why? Because I’m already in a privileged position due to the fact that I attend a post-secondary institution. I also don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay to attend said institution. In fact, I’m lucky enough to get money back each semester.

I know this to be true when I see my friends work long hours while going to school full time just to pay for their books. I also know that it is my undocumented friends who suffer the most.

I don’t think most people realize the privilege that being documented gives you. You have access to things that you take as a given but are only a dream to others. You can access basic healthcare, get a driver’s license, apply for decent paying jobs, apply for student aid, and…

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