Big Dogs Need Love Too.

For the Love of Everything.

Big dogs are associated with a stigma of fear. Especially, when the individual(s) do not own dogs. In all actuality, many big dogs are nicer than smaller dogs. I guess the loud assertive bark, and big body intimidates people. But big dogs need love too, they are just as cute and sweet as small dogs.

This is a funny video to show the more aggressive side of smaller dogs. The bigger dog was really just trying to eat, until the smaller dog claimed the bowl as his. 

IMG_3019.jpgI have a medium to large dog, who goes by Hov (pictured to the right). He is a Labahoula, which is a Labrador and Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix. He weighs sixty pounds, and peaks above the knee. He may come to the middle of your thigh if you are short. Hov is the most gentle and sweetest dog walking.

Despite his calmness and…

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