The Cardinals Tomahawk the Seminoles

Beau Knows

The No. 10 Louisville Cardinals demanded the nation’s attention Saturday when they dominated No. 2 Florida State on ESPN College GameDay with a 63-20 win.

Sports writers around the country doubted Bobby Petrino’s program and questioned Lamar Jackson’s stats due to the level of UL’s scheduled opponents this season.

Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals have quieted the naysayers and solidified the hype of Cardinal football.


The Cardinals came out swinging and when they hit, they hit hard. Lamar Jackson threw for 216 yards with 1 TD and rushed for 146 yards scoring 4 times. Jackson had a combined 362 yards with 5 touchdowns.


Senior running back, Brandon Radcliff, dismantled FSU’s defense with 118 yards and 1 touchdown. His partner in the backfield, Jeremy Smith, scored twice on only 4 carries.

For more stats:

The highlight of this game wasn’t another epic performance from Lamar Jackson, or the fantastic running…

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