An unexpected turn

Life of Zsa Zsa

Life is full of twists and turns.  You never know what lies ahead or around the next curve.  I recently received the news of a death in the family and made arrangements to travel home.  The drive to East Tennessee was cathartic as I recalled many wonderful memories.


Nearing the end of my drive, I decided to escape the pace of the interstate and opted to detour the last leg of the trip on the back roads.  I knew it would be quicker to take the expressway, but the beauty of the day called me aside.  It was a good call.  There’s nothing sweeter than a country road and the long way home.


I was transported from the hustle and bustle to the majesty and beauty of Mother Nature. It happened within a few moments.  I was struck with the beauty and solitude of the Great Smoky Mountains that surrounded…

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