Turkeys building a wall and Syria doesn’t have to pay for it

Jackson Ransdell

For months now the phrase build a wall has rightfully brought groans and disdain from the majority of those keyed into the US presidential race. That’s why i was surprised to hear that a wall is being built, just not on the US-Mexican border. Rather Turkey aims to construct a 560 mile long wall along its border with Syria.

This project aims to be completed by February but portions of it have been under construction since 2014 according to TOKI (The Housing Development Administration of Turkey). Calls from Turkey’s NATO allies have long requested them to seal off portions of its border from Islamic state held areas of Syria.

It’s said that this move isn’t meant to curtail Turkey’s open border policy for Syrian refugees, of which some 3 million have sought asylum in recent years. Rather this is almost solely reported as a plan to combat the movements of…

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