Make Room in your Heart

Life of Zsa Zsa

Make a place in your heart for that which is different from you or foreign to you.  It may be someone with a different color of skin from you or one who is different in culture.  Take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Make room.

Make space in your heart for what is right under your nose.  It could be an experience that you have not considered for yourself.  Rock climb, volunteer, sing karaoke, learn to ski, go for a hike, be willing to discover what ignites you.  See yourself trying something new.  Be OK with what is foreign to you.  Give it room.


The greatest reason to make room in your heart is for inspiration.  Look to what you expect daily or take for granted and add love.  It could be with family, a friend or lover, whether near or far, here or gone, make room to let them…

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