“We want doctors, not missionaries!”

Jackson Ransdell

Tens of thousands of Polish women and men took to the streets this past Monday to protest a proposed total ban on abortions within the country. Poland is already one of the most restrictive countries in Europe when it comes to a woman’s right to an abortion. Currently a Polish woman can only seek an abortion when “the woman’s life is in danger, the fetus is irreparably damaged or the pregnancy results from rape or incest.”

The current laws already see several hundred legal abortions take place every year, but Polish women already have to worry about their doctors denying them “lawful” abortions on moral or religious grounds. However even conservative estimates say that many times that number of ‘illegal” abortions are performed each year with many women having to go to Germany or Slovakia to have the procedure done.

The conservative ruling party in Poland, the Law and Justice…

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