Humanitarian inc. in Haiti

Jackson Ransdell

Six years ago a 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed over 230,000 Haitians and left millions more homeless. International aid communities committed over 10 billion dollars to allow Haiti to “Build back better.”

The red cross alone received nearly half a billion dollars in donations towards the rebuilding efforts. And what great amounts of good were they able to do for those Haitians devastated by the disaster? Despite claims of building over 130,000 homes for people affected by the tragedy a joint investigation between NPR and ProPublica found that the actual number of houses build was 6.

That’s roughly 83 million dollars donated per home provided. However the red cross still claims in promotional material that they have helped some 4.5 million people in Haiti, a nation of only around 10 million in total. However when Haiti’s own prime minister at the time Jean-Max Bellerive was told of the red crosses boasts…

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