Look up!

Life of Zsa Zsa


How can you miss it?  When’s the last time you began or ended your day with a sunrise or sunset?  It’s the magic time for nature’s light show and it’s free of charge.  The one requirement is that you pause to look up at the sky as it fills or empties of light featuring clouds as the main attraction.


Take time to notice the display as it begins, it seldom ceases to amaze and no two are the same as the colors grow, then fade in the sky.

Catch the patterns the clouds create or simply marvel at their absence on a clear blue day. Look for them over a hill, embracing the trees, or in your rear view mirror.

Be sure to catch the clouds’ finale when they fill the sky once again with subdued colors to back-light the trees in dramatic schemes.  If you linger, you may just…

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