My 7 Favorite Albums of 2016 (So Far)

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2016 has been a record year for music, in terms of big albums from big names. I’ve loved so much of what I’ve heard this year, so I’ve decided to list my favorites. However, I can’t seem to put them in any particular order because I just can’t pick between them, so I’ve ordered them by release date, aside from my number one favorite:

Lemonade – Beyoncé


One of my favorite albums ever, so it’s definitely my favorite of 2016. Beyoncé dropped Lemonade—the short film—first and it did a beautiful job of visually depicting the struggles and triumphs of everyday black womanhood. It spoke on relationship, family, and social issues and every song is different, yet listening to it altogether makes Lemonade come alive as an especially important masterpiece by a 21st century icon.

Favorite tracks: “Sorry” “Don’t Hurt Yourself (feat. Jack White)” “Formation” (and, um, every other song…)

ANTI – Rihanna


This is an…

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