What’s Next? Life After Graduation

For the Love of Everything.

Screenshot-2014-05-16-12.20.31.pngSo graduation is approaching in December! I am excited, but am I ready for real life? I mean life without residuals? Am I going back to college? Will I work in the field of my major? I have all these questions that I ask myself day to day, which I’m pretty sure all college students ask as a well.

Honestly, I have not made a concrete decision, but I have plans. I plan to return to college Fall of 2017, and attend the school of Speech Pathology in order to receive my masters. I am only going on hope and prayers that I get in, and that this is the career for me.

I have learned that the route I want to go for my Communications degree is not easy. I originally wanted to become a Public Relations major, but the experience level for just a Public Relation specialist requires…

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