Age…it becomes YOU.

Life of Zsa Zsa


Age…how can you protect yourself from the aging process and social isolation?  What will happen to you during your aging process?  What happens to you in your end years, after school, work, marriage, divorce, or death in your family setting?  How will you navigate social isolation?

These are questions to ponder…What do you think occurs after you complete your schooling process, your career, or raise a family?  I can tell you…it’s insidious.  What support system surrounds you then?  Are you immune from social isolation?  This is not something that occurs in your head.  It’s the cultural and social process of aging.

The commercialization of youth and the glamorization of it creates is a generational divide that encourages isolation. What social activities will be available to you?  Will you be happy, sad, bewildered, content, fall sick, or be defiant?  It’s food for thought.

What will your approach and contribution be?  It’s…

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