The Divine Feminine Tour

Colin Beach

“The Divine Feminine” an album by Mac Miller is an eclectic rendition of love turned into an album. Throughout the album various ideas of love are brought to your attention ultimately aiming to tear down a wall that society has built in recent years about what love is supposed to be rather than what it really is. When Mac Miller talks about The Divine Feminine he considers the universe, the distance between persons, and deciphering love on an deeper level. There’s a very real connection to these ideas of space. It’s about contact and togetherness, closing the gap between people; about being in unison and growing apart, and all the stages in between.

Mac Miller known for being a drug induced lyricist with hard hitting rap songs contrasted with a smooth accompaniment of subconscious thoughts about the universe,  his fourth album The Divine Feminine was a pleasant surprise. His uplifting beats…

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