The Importance of Zoos

Kristen Harbsmeier

Today, zoos are more than just a collection of animals behind glasses and cages. Zoos help protect, educate, and rehabilitate. We must become better at being proactive in communicating the value of zoos to the public. We seem to lose interest with the millennial generation, and young adults without children. The media twists and turns stories around about zoo incidents, and often times the public do not realize all of the good things that zoos do because they are too focused on the negative, misunderstood stories that make it to the media.


To me, it is frustrating to see my generation think that zoos should no longer be a thing. Yes, animals should be treated with the utmost respect and be given a safe, acceptable environment. Go back to our childhoods. How cool was it to be able to see a wild elephant when you were younger, or a killer…

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