“International Caucasian Court”

Jackson Ransdell

Gambia’s withdrawal today from the International Criminal Court (ICC) marks the third African nations exit in recent months. The first was Burundi and then founding member South Africa while Namibia and Kenya have both openly discussed withdrawal as well.

The crux of the argument for these African nations is the fact that since it’s inception in 2002 the ICC ,based in the Hague, Netherlands, have solely targeted offenders from African nations. Even today the only 6 current cases before the court are prosecuting Africans.

This isn’t to say that those prosecuted haven’t committed terrible crimes against humanity but rather that the court has turned a blind eye towards western misdeeds while only focusing on Africa. Several of the most egregious issues from the African perspective are the court’s refusal to indict British Prime minister Tony Blair over Iraq war crimes and the United States refusal to participate in the court…

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