Ready, Set, Go

Katelyn M Hogan

Last Saturday, October 22nd, was the day that I have been anticipating all semester: The Urban Bourbon Half Marathon.


Saturday Morning I woke up very early and headed downtown to the Belvedere, between 5th and 6th street on Main. It was very cold out, and I was slightly regretting signing up for this race.


The start line opened at 8:30am and from that moment until after the race I made many observations:

Many elderly people destroyed me in this race

I really don’t understand how a 70 year old man sprinted past me on mile 8, but he did, and I applaud him. Well done sir, well done.

Morale was low

The first mini marathon that I ran was the Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon last may. It seems like the entire city of Louisville comes out for that race and line the whole course with signs, water, snacks, etc…

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