Recently, one of my friends Dylan decided he wanted to get a dog. After some determination and intense Craigslist hunting, he managed to find a little canine that was perfect. And by perfect, I mean this puppy weighs no more than three pounds.

Today, I want to introduce everyone to him. After all, I was appointed his aunt 🙂

img_9945 That is accurate.

This is Finn Gordon Hass-Patel. Such a large name for such a small dog.

IMG_0207.JPG My first time meeting Finn. 

He is a Dachshund puppy, which means he will not get any bigger… only a little longer because he is in fact a Weiner dog.


The first time I saw Finn, my reaction was to laugh so hard that I couldn’t say anything. I was so thrown off by how genuinely tiny he was. He immediately ran over to me and climbed on my shoulder. He then proceeded to lick me everywhere and…

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