My Taco Bell Order

Lilly Edwards

Everyone likes Taco Bell. Whether it is a love they shout from the rooftops or a secret 2 A.M. kind of love, we all find ourselves in the Taco Bell drive thru every now and then.

However, while I respect that everyone else loves Taco Bell, I think that my Taco Bell order is just superior to the average person’s order. Before I tell you, I want to preface this by saying it might not sound all that exciting when I reveal it, but give me some time to explain it before you make any judgments.

Without further ado, here is my Taco Bell order:

Two beef quesaritos with no chipotle sauce.


Now let me explain.

I have been eating Taco Bell for years, but I used to get tacos. Honestly, I don’t think their tacos are anything special, so I was never a big fan of the fast food chain.

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