I Have a Love Hate Relationship for Cooking.

For the Love of Everything.

I love food, but hate cooking. Eating the food is the best part when I do have to cook. There are pros and cons to cooking at home, and the same with eating out. Let’s talk about it!

Cooking at Home



You have to buy the food. Food is not cheap, one meal to feed two (in my case, the boyfriend and I) comes to approximately $30-$40 depending on what we are eating, and the ingredients you need to cook the meal.

You have to cook. Cooking can take up to an hour and a half. This is not including the preparation before baking, frying, broiling, etc. It is time consuming, and takes up a portion of the evening when you have others things you need to accomplish.



The perfect taste. Cooking at home gives you the control of cooking the food the way you want. You know if…

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