My Favorite Albums of The Year

Lilly Edwards

The year is coming to an end which means year-end lists are going to start showing up any day now. I am getting a head start on mine. While I know there are several albums set to come out in the next month and a half, those albums will just have to deal with it. Sorry Little Mix (I made your album cover the featured image if it is any consolation.) Without further ado, here are my very favorite albums in order of release date from a wonderful year in music (and a terrible year in everything else.)

Anti – Rihanna | I had been waiting for this album for years and it did not disappoint. The production was very experimental for Rihanna and don’t we all love her for her edginess?

rihanna-album-anti-artworkDon’t You – Wet | Wet front-woman Kelly Zutrau has some of the most raw and expressive vocals I’ve heard…

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