Life As A Twin (Part One) The Downsides

Colin Beach

“Are you the good one or the bad one?” “So have you like, ever switched places?” “Can you read each others minds?” “Who is older?” “Stand still let me look at you.” “Are you Cory or Colin?” These are just a few of the common phrases and questions I have received on a daily basis from my peers and strangers for the past 22 years about what its like to be an identical twin.

On August 10th 1994, my mother Fay Beach gave birth to my brother Cory and I, and from then on we have had an experience which I can only describe as an uncomfortable  level of popularity that we receive just for existing. Growing up as a twin is not an enjoyable experience of mischievous tricks and pranks like many people believe it to be. In elementary school our Mom like many others of twins dressed us…

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