The Definitive Ranking of the Seasons

Lilly Edwards

As we are making our way into the holiday season and winter weather, I have been thinking a lot about which seasons are the best. So, naturally, I felt like I had to share my opinion with the internet.

  1. Fall (or Autumn if you are classy) – I mean, this is a no-brainer. Fall is just the best. Fall has the best clothes. Fall has the best weather. Fall has the best holidays (looking at you, Halloween.) I feel like I have been reborn again every year once the weather gets colder and the leaves get warmer. Honestly, top notch season. Shout out to fall.thumb-1920-701428
  2. Winter – Similar to fall, but colder. Therefore, the clothes are also pretty good. The weather is also pretty good, but once March rolls around I am pretty tired of being frostbitten all the time. Winter does have one advantage over fall. Christmas. Christmas is a season in…

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