Steak N Shake

The Bell Report

image.jpegSteak n Shake is one of Americas greatest treasures. I mean just look above. You may think, “Why is she talking about a burger joint, those are everywhere” but it’s not just any joint ITS FREAKING STEAK N SHAKE.

There are many reason why Steak N Shake reigns in my top favorite burger places. For one, the prices are perfect prices for broke college students like myself. They have a full menu with 24 items all FOR UNDER $4. You can get a double cheese burger and fries for just $4, among many other things. The milkshakes are reasonable priced too. A simple milkshake is only two dollars and some change. This is awesome because at other restaurants that’s how much a regular soft drink costs.

Another reason why Steak N Shake is the GOAT is for the food and experience. Every bun is buttered and crispy on the edges…

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