The Dark Days Will Pass


**Disclaimer- do not read if you are already in a bad mood**

As the days get colder and gloominess spreads through campus, it’s hard to feel happy. Finals are near and stress is at an all-time high. But this year, finals are not the only thing bringing me down. Next month, on January 1st, will mark the one year anniversary of my friend’s death.

I remember when I found out about Najam’s death on the first day of 2016. Initially, I didn’t know the cause and assumed a car accident. I remember feeling numb and confused because when you’re young, you don’t realize that there will be times when you can lose a friend too soon.

I remember reaching out to mutual friends and all of us exchanging uplifting messages about how we need to “stick together” and “get through this.”

But that all changed when we found out how he actually…

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