Crime Chix Capstone


By Katelyn Hogan, Kristen Harbsmeier, Elizabeth Pena, Eiman Zuberi

This semester, the Crime Chix did multiple reports about campus safety including crime involving affiliated housing and student’s attitudes towards security measures at the University of Louisville. The big questions fall on the UofL Police Department, who have a big responsibility of making sure students are safe on campus. So this week, Crime Chix reporter Eiman Zuberi interviewed Aaron Graham of ULPD who spoke about the police’s efforts to secure campus.

The escort service process is fairly simple. Students can call the ULPD number and request an escort. During the call, you give your name, location, and destination. Then you wait until an escort arrives who confirms your name and drops you off to your desired destination.

“We have measured it and the numbers say we usually take 5 minutes,” he said during the interview with Crime Chix.

However, many students…

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