Spotlight on Pre-Pharmacy Club at University of Louisville

Life in the Ville

In a world where it seems every freshman student is an aspiring doctor or engineer, it can be easy to overlook equally as important and satisfying career options. One career option that is often times forgotten about is one that many people come into contact with on a daily basis; that is, the pharmacist.


While the University of Louisville does not offer a Pharm.D. program (a required graduate program for practicing pharmacists), there are still undergraduate Pre-Pharmacy students at the university. & while they are fewer and further between than Pre-Med students, they do exist and even have a club. The club offers Pre-Pharmacy students the following:

  1. The chance to network with other Pre-Pharmacy students as well as professionals in the community
  2. Opportunity to learn about pharmacy and related fields
  3. Navigation through the Pharmacy school admissions process
  4. Workshops to build their resume and improve their interview skills
  5. Preparation for theā€¦

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