The Social Media Train is moving – hop on!

Natalie's Niche

Social media has opened a brand new window of opportunity in the field of marketing.  No longer can companies only market in magazines, on the radio, or through TV commercials.  Now they can do all of the above and track your habits and strategically market to you through your smart phone apps and social media accounts.

Social media has worked its way into every aspect of the human world.  No matter what professional field you hope to enter one day, social media will have a presence.  You may even need to be able to manage a social media account for your specific department or office. Or you might be able to score a promotion by proposing a social media plan on how to improve social media use for your business.  Luckily for you, I know how to create a social media plan. Below are tips everyone can use to get on the right track!


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