What It Means to Be a Child of Immigrants

Bella Rebelde

Many Americans hear the word “Immigrant” and stereotypes pops into their mind.  However, the immigrant has many faces, backgrounds, and futures ahead of them. The children of these immigrants have their owns stories and though they’re all different, there are some common themes among us all.

My mom grew up in a home with a dirt floor in Mexico but always had a dream of becoming a teacher. She moved to the US when she was my age and even without knowing a word of English, she put herself through college and grad school by working three jobs. Today, she’s a middle school math and social studies teacher.

Because of her determination, bravery, and work ethic, I was able to grow up in the US and attend private schools and now I’m able to graduate college in May. I wouldn’t have the same drive to succeed if it weren’t for…

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