Top 5 Hiking Destinations Just a Car Ride Away from Louisville

Life in the Ville

I’m a little weird in the way that I love having a packed-to-the-brim schedule. Currently, I’m taking 20 credit hours worth of classes, volunteering a few times a week at a local hospital, and managing a part-time job. Add in a social life, and my life is quite literally a balancing act. My secret? I live for the weekends, when I don’t have classes or list myself as being available to work or volunteer. During these weekends, you can almost faithfully “cash me outside” hiking. Here are my favorite spots within driving distance of Louisville:

  1. Tioga Falls. Located about 30 minutes from the heart of Louisville, this trail won’t disappoint. It’s about 2 miles long, and brings you to a breathtaking waterfall. Try to make the trek when it has recently rained so the waterfall won’t be dry!


2.  Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail, located within Hoosier National Forrest…

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