RaiseRed Dance Marathon

Natalie's Niche

Before you dismiss this blog as a brag for having participated in RaiseRed Dance Marathon, know that I did not participate in RaiseRed this year.


I did RaiseRed my freshman year of college and, to be completely honest, I did not like it.  There was nothing in particular that happened. I think dancing for 18 hours straight is just not the thing for me.

I went home early my freshman year and never got to see the big reveal at the end of the 18 hours.

I regret it 100%.

I disregarded RaiseRed every year it came around after my first attempt.  I knew I didn’t like staying up late and assured myself that the money I work to raise for suicide awareness was enough of a good deed.

This year, I attended the community hour of RaiseRed as a Kentucky Derby Festival Princess.  I had a blast. I not…

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