Is March the Best Month for Sports?

dpiekarczyk2's Blog

The answer to this title is simply yes. There are many other months that are very good times for sports, but March just has it all.


To start with the obvious, March madness is the marquee sport event in the month. The now 68 team tournament is not all that is offered by college basketball though. The conference championships throughout the country in early March can be just as or even more excited than the tournament.

And lets not forget about the pro sports.

logoblock_900The NBA and NHL are nearing the ends of their regulars seasons in March, so games become intense as teams are fighting for playoff births.

The NFL is not in season at this time, yet it is one of the most covered sports on ESPN currently because free agency is about to start, the draft is coming up and the combines is going on.

The MLB is also…

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