Ground Zero: a 5-star memorial

Natalie's Niche

September 11, 2001.

What were you doing that morning? Where were you? What were you wearing or eating? Most people you ask can tell you in detail what they were doing when they heard that the Twin Towers in NYC had been struck by airplanes.

I was in first grade.
I wore a yellow sweatshirt, blue jean shorts, and pink light-up velcro tennis shoes.
I was patiently waiting for my turn in show-and-tell.
I lived 45 minutes outside of New York City.
Many of my friends had parents who commuted to the city for work every day.
Many of my friends’ parents worked in the World Trade Centers.
I am the youngest of 3 children in an Air Force Family.
My Dad was not home when I was released from school at 10am that morning. He was one of the pilots immediately put in the sky to counter the terrorism.

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