I Fear Almost Everything, and You Are No Exception 

Maya Mckenzie

I fear almost everything and you are no exception.

I fear cars

My back facing doors

The brown parts of bananas


Because I fear that you are the type that looks upon rain as an oasis

I fear that you find solace in the intricate wording of a book

I fear the you are the kind to listen to loud music and confuse the pain of the singer with that of your own

I fear that you too sit on your bathroom floor and write shitty poetry

I fear that you see the value in that second hand shop on the corner, adorned with clothes our grandparents would admire

I fear you imagine yourself in the presence of a lover as a medicine to soothe yourself into sleep

I fear that you too are awake at 3 a.m. when your inner demons shatter the silence of night

I fear…

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