It’s 2017, People

Life in the Ville

Hopefully my blog isn’t turning into a virtual diary, but I gotta say I am fed up lately.

I’m on the verge of graduation, and what have people been asking me? Sure, the occasional “So are you going to graduate school?” and “Are you applying for jobs yet?”, but it’s primarily been “Are you getting engaged soon?”


Ummm, excuse me?


I’m 21 and still figuring myself and my career out and you wanna know if I’m about to throw myself into a marriage? When I get married I want to make sure it will be my only marriage (I’m sure everyone says that….). I think if I were to begin a marriage before I have my life a bit more “together”, it is already setting the marriage up for failure.


Taking it a step further, why it this even a question for me in the first place? No one was asking…

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