Art, Nostalgia, and the Unknown.

Ali Hoge

Yesterday, I felt the need to create something…but not just anything.  I needed to use my hands and the right side of my brain to direct a brush and pen to make colors (and the lack thereof) resemble something…anything. And it needed to happen immediately.


I had no real plan in mind, but as I exited the parking garage after work I found myself heading towards Artist & Craftsman Supply on Barret Avenue. As soon I walked in I knew what my subconscious had brought me there to purchase: watercolors.


As I settled in using my new paints with my cocker spaniel at my feet on Big Little Lies binge, I thought to myself: this is exactly the night I’ve needed. I felt recharged.

Then I thought to myself what drove me to need this so desperately and immediately? Why do some people need a creative outlet while others scoff…

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