A Game of History

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Just recently my boyfriend decided to put up horseshoe pits in the backyard and that got me thinking more about the game of horseshoes than I had ever cared to before. I began wondering who came up with this? Are we even playing this the correct way? With the world wide web literally in my hands I decided to look for some information about the game of horseshoes, the real rules and how it all began.


In case you were wondering, the actual horseshoe came first not the game. Horseshoes are iron rings that are nailed into horses feet that work as a kind of shoe for them.

So what compelled somebody to start tossing these things at metal sticks that lie 40 feet away? Turns out that the game originates in ancient times and it actually evolved from the game of “quoits.” Quoits is a game that has the…

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