The Critter Crew Visits Henry’s Ark

Laurel's Blog

On Tuesday, April 4th 2017, the Critter Crew of the University of Louisville embarked on an adventure to Henry’s Ark, a local hidden gem. Henry’s Ark is a privately owned zoo located about 10 miles from Louisville in Prospect, Kentucky. Because Henry’s Ark does not have a large social media presence, it was our group’s mission to find out what the tourist destination was all about.

Before departing, we decided to do some research on the property. Turns out, Henry’s Ark as we know it today was made possible by a man named Henry Wallace who lived from 1915-2006. Henry’s father, Tom Wallace, initially bought the 600-acre farm in 1911. Henry was a social activist as well as a lover of animals and he also had a lively passion for the preservation of land. It may come as no surprise then, that Henry’s Ark became exempt from commercial development…

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