Meth’d Up in North Korea

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In America, we often underestimate the prevalence of hard drugs, including methamphetamine. Today’s user isn’t always the skeleton looking twitchy person on the street, sometimes its the sales manager of a sporting goods store, or the head of HR at a hospital, or even your mailman. 13 million people in the US over the age of 12 have tried meth at least once in their lives. Still, it’s taboo to use or even talk about using it in most social settings. But apparently, in North Korea, it would not be uncommon for a upper-class businessman to offer a client a “nose” of methamphetamine after dinner. Similarly, the middle class citizens use the drug as a remedy for the cold, and the lower class uses it to curb hunger pains. Using
speed is a drastic solution to these relatively mundane problems, but I’ll grant them that they probably haven’t seen the graphic…

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