Pet Peeves of College Student Cashiers

Answers to Amber

What Annoys College Students Who Work As Cashiers?

It’s safe to say that we as college students who live close to campus or dorms like jobs that are walking distance for our own convenience. There are many options of jobs we can choose from, but food services seems to be the most common places to have job openings. When asked the question “What is the most annoying thing people do that irritate you the most?” to students who work near campus as cashiers. Students responded with a list of things they complain about.

Special request during busy time

During lunch or dinnertime when it’s slammed and there is always this one customer who stares at the menu for ages and still don’t know what to order.

Making a special/ limited time edition drink that feels like it’s going to take forever and there is a line going out of the…

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