The Snore of the Crowd– Playoffs Edition

Conzi Scheme

By Conner Farrell–

As I’m currently watching the Golden State Warriors complete the latest double digit victory and sweep this NBA playoff season, I find it hard not to stare at the wall behind the tv screen because it may do something more entertaining than what’s happening on the court.

Yes, this year’s playoff series have been lack-luster with the two most polarizing teams steaming-rolling the competition in their respective conferences while the other sides of the bracket fight to see who will be their next victim.

In the conference semi-finals alone, eight of the 16 games played between the eight teams has been decided by 20 or more points.

Aside from the sometimes unwatchable play this post-season, there are a few bright spots that are making the agony worth while.

With splits of 56/47/73, Lebron James has been absolutely fantastic. The world’s greatest has been pacing the now-seemingly…

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