Collaborations At All Time High

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Have you ever heard of the brand Supreme? This is brand that is based out of New York City, this company is ran off of all hype which is where your hype beast come from. But Supreme isn’t the only company collaborating with other big name companies.

Lately within the past 6 months a lot of companies have been teaming up with other big name companies. Just last week Nike and Supreme teamed up and recreated 3 classic sneakers into an hype beast dream.

The shoe was the Nike Air UpTempo which is known for having the 3 letters “AIR” spelled out on the side of the show real big. But since these two brands teamed up the shoe has “SUPREME” spelled out on the side. Which gives consumers the ultimate dream.

That is just the latest collaboration between two big brands. But honestly what started all of these collaborations…

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One thought on “Collaborations At All Time High

  1. But the game is what you make of it and there is no need to do that.

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