Come On Friends, Let’s Live In the Trees!

meditative creativity

I don’t know about you guys but growing up I always had a tree house. Gorgeously tiny it was but simply perfect. I remember thinking back then, “Wow, it would be so cool if I could live in my tree house.” Well you’re hearing it here people–YOU CAN!

Two brothers, Andy and Simon Payne have had a dream ever since they were little boys. The dream to create complex homes in the trees. When questioned why they were so adamant about creating these works of art they said simply, “They remind us of the happiness we had when we were children,” and they wanted to bring that same happiness to anyone they could.

The drive to fulfill that happiness is what pushed them into becoming the world’s leading tree house company known as Blue Forest.

Another beautiful aspect of these creatively designed homes is there eco friendly approach. Each tree is…

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