Why Titos Vodka is THE Best

Taylors Take

Everyone who drinks alcohol either likes vodka or they don’t. If you don’t like vodka… well I am sorry, because you’re missing out big time. Titos Handmade Vodka is THE best and it seems to be underrated. The intelligent legend behind Titos goes by the name of Bert Butler “Tito” Beveridge II. Sounds like a cool dude right? Now, I know what you’re thinking.. it’s just another cheap vodka, kind of like Burnetts, or Smirnoff. Well, you’re wrong. Titos is the real deal people.

Titos Vodka is distilled 6 times in an old-fashioned pot still in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Beveridge believed that “five times isn’t enough and seven doesn’t make a difference.” Smart man, smart man. It is one of the smoothest vodkas out there. You can pair it with any kind of refreshing juice, soda, tonic water, and man it hits the spot! This vodka is 80 proof, and decently priced. You can purchase a 750 ml for around…

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