5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift is Overrated


  1. Her songs are all pretty much the same

When Taylor Swift first came out as this cute country singer from Nashville no one thought twice as she sang song after song about a boy breaking her heart.  Now over ten years later her songs have barely changed except for the not so dramatic shift from country to country pop.


  1. She’s constantly throwing shade at her exes and portraying herself as the victim

Does anyone actually know why Taylor Swift and her “boy of the moment” break up?  Probably not but that doesn’t stop “sweet” Taylor from writing a song or whole album that leads to said ex’s demise.  Since she’s Taylor Swift this crazy-ex-girlfriend behavior is not only approved of but praised.


  1. Almost everything she does is a publicity stunt

Rather it be a charity event or a hang out with her squad the whole world seems to…

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